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Classification of additives for plastic profiles

Plastic profile additives 1: impact modifier

In the production of plastic profiles, if the impact modifier is not added, the plastic profiles will be very brittle and hard, and will be easily broken if they collide slightly. The main impact agent modifier used in the production of plastic profiles mainly consists of the following three categories: chlorinated polyethylene, polyacrylate, ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA).

Plastic agent two: heat stabilizer

Plastic profiles are thermosensitive plastics. Therefore, heat stabilizer is essential in the production and processing of plastic profiles. The metal salts in heat stabilizers can absorb the HCL decomposed by PVC, so it can delay the decomposition rate of plastic and prolong the decomposition time. It is commonly used as compound lead salts in the production of plastic profiles, which has high thermal stability and low price.

Auxiliaries for plastic section three: processing aids

Processing aids are a class of improved auxiliaries mainly developed to improve the processing properties of plastics. The processing temperature of plastic special-shaped material is close to the decomposition temperature, and the fluidity is poor. It is easy to coker on the equipment. Therefore, a certain amount of processing aids should be added in the production of plastic profiles to overcome the defects of the plastic profile itself.

Plastic material auxiliaries four: filler

Filler is a kind of solid additive which is different from plastics in composition and structure, also known as filler. It has obvious effect and economic value for improving some physical and mechanical properties of plastics and reducing the cost of plastics. Adding filler in the formulation of the plastic profile can reduce the change rate of the size of the plastic profile, increase the impact strength, increase the rigidity and reduce the production cost.

Plastic material auxiliaries five: light stabilizer

Light stabilizers can inhibit the photooxidation degradation reaction of polymers by shielding and absorbing UV, quenching and stimulating energy capture free radicals, thus giving the products a good light stabilization effect and prolonging their service life.

Plastic material auxiliaries six: Lubricants

The main function of the lubricant is to reduce the friction between the polymer and the processing equipment and the internal molecules of the polymer, to prevent the resin degradation caused by the excessive friction, and to improve the efficiency of the heat stabilizer.