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SY-3099Dultra-high molecular weight modified polysiloxane dispersion

 SY-3099Dultra-high molecular weight modified polysiloxane dispersion

San Yue New Material Co., Ltd. has been committed to enhancing the core competitiveness of its products, and strengthening its brand influence in recent years, we have achieved significant results. Today we gonna introduce one of our new products SY-3099D wear and scratch resistance additive, it is an ultra-high molecular weight modified polysiloxane dispersion, easily dispersing in DMF system and well compatible to polyurethane resin. It can provide polyurethane dry process synthetic leather with excellent wear resistance and scratch resistance performance and smooth hand feeling, its performance has reached the leading level in the industry.



Easily dispersing in DMF


High wear resistance

Testing instrument: TABER abrasion testing machine, model 5135; abrasion wheel model: H22;

Testing conditions: bearing weight: 1.5kg; rotation speed: 70 rpm;

Dry process resin: model 8033D;

Release paper: Model DE-90, made in Japan;

Additives: SY-3099D wear and scratch resistance additive, the addition amount is 2% (based on the amount of dry resin, the same below), SY-9536 wetting and leveling additive, the addition amount is 0.4%.

Test Results:

Abrasion times

Before adding SY-3099D

After adding SY-3099D

4,500 times


No damage

10,000 times


No damage


Note: The leather sample on the left is before adding SY-3099D, the leather surface was obviously damaged after the abrasion test for 4,500 times (the red circle in the picture above); Fpr the leather sample after adding SY-3099D on the right, there was no damage after the abrasion test for 10,000 times.


In addition to SY-3099D, San Yue also added a lot of excellent new products, which are all popular products on the market. For more information, welcome to contact us.