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Auxiliary components of ink

Filling agent

It is a kind of auxiliaries to adjust the concentration of ink. It can also increase the thickness of ink film and improve its wear resistance. It has no coloring power and covering power. Barium sulfate, talcum powder, calcium carbonate and aluminum hydroxide are mainly used to crush them into white powder when used.


Its function is to reduce the viscosity of the ink, prevent the phenomenon of peeling, and make the ink have operational adaptability. Commonly used diluents include low polymerization hemp oil and mineral oil. The former is easy to mix with ink and soften the effect. The latter has obvious effect of dilution, but avoid excessive, otherwise the printing effect is not good.

Anti skinning agent

Its function is to inhibit the drying speed of ink and prevent ink from drying conjunctiva mechanically. Its main components are organic reductant and antioxidant. It can be added to the ink or to the machinery of contacting the ink.

Anti printing agent

Its function is to prevent printing ink from being printed on the back of the paper so as to ensure the printing quality. The commonly used antiprint agent is corn starch.

Skating agent

Its function is to improve the friction and fluidity of the ink, reduce the viscosity, improve the gloss of the film, and reduce the phenomenon of paper napping. The commonly used slip additives in printing ink are microcrystalline wax and synthetic wax with high melting point.

Other auxiliaries

There are many other auxiliaries, such as dispersants, wetting agents, desiccant, stabilizers, etc.