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Parameters of color paste

Color paste is also known as color pulp

Color paste (YGCOLOR) has excellent quality, stability and dispersibility. In addition to a small number of inorganic pigments containing lead, other pigments are strictly selective low toxicity (the heavy metal content is below the standard range), which is a required low toxic paste pigment. At the same time, it has the characteristics of heat resistance, light resistance, migration, color separation, easy to resist, acid and alkali resistance, strong coloring power and high solid content.

Because of different pigment, the content of plastic plasticizer (DINP) is usually twenty percent to sixty percent.

(1) performance: different colors of paste are provided according to customer's requirements.

(2) the different specifications of the viscosity bottom are 2000-130000PS

(3) solid composition: the different color of the bottom is 35%-80%

(4) fineness: 2-7+-0. 5U

(5) the phenomenon of color separation is good

(6) compatibility: with different resins providing different color pastes, the solubility is good.

(7) storage period: at least one year (except for special specifications).