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201805031344102160105.jpg  1.BLPP and PA after treatment color paste series

  2.Dry process and wet process PU color paste series

  3.PH water-based color paste series

  4.PVC and solvent free color paste series

201805031346081808791.jpg 1.Wet process Additives

 2.Dry process Additives

 3.Hand feeling agent

 4.Wetting levelling Agent

 5.Other Additives (including the additives applied in  agricultural chemicals)

201805031345243042555.jpg 1.Polishing series

 2.Lustering series

 3.Delustering series

 4.Carbon Black series


QQ图片20180509084256.jpg 1.Wet process Polyurethane

 2.Dry process Polyurethane

 3.Water-based Polyurethane

 4.Oli-based Polyurethane